Choices by Rasela

When we first set out to create an online course for women to teach the necessary skills of DJing I had my reservations. I knew it would mean that I had to work harder than I probably wanted to, devote more time to a new project which could mean spending less time surfing (eeek), and that I would have to answer to a business partner who would be relying on me to complete certain tasks and maintain a level of commitment and consistency in our new venture. OMG but what if I don’t ‘feel’ like I want to work this hard it’s taking so long?! Have any of you felt the same when starting a new project?

If you have embarked on the journey to become a DJ then we are on the same page. Sure I have the skills you need if you want to be a vinyl DJ but as a brand new business owner I too am starting from scratch and learning how to turn a creative pursuit into an educational empowerment tool for Women. 

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work of my business partner Lainie aka Electro Girl. If it weren’t for her there’s no way I would be able to get a business off the ground (or want to). I have many wild and crazy visions and ideas of what’s possible and Lainie is the one who knows how to make those dreams become realities through proper organisation, determination, dedication, hard work and relentless nagging (hahaa not really but I wouldn’t mess with this super hero would you?!)

Electro Girl

As a creative I have little desire to know the ins and outs of the business world, I hate 95% of all social media (with a passion) and have a huge resistance to being photographed or filmed. We recently paid for a marketing course that meant we ‘had’ to post to socials everyday (it’s called “showing up” because apparently you want to see our faces everyday of your lives). It made me want to walk away from the business and the entire online world we seemingly had to exist in, in order for us to ‘succeed”. Can you imagine sharing an online business with someone like me?! 

But there are reasons for it. In a fake world of manipulation and cunning schemes, ramming down our throats how we should look, sound, act, eat, vote, dress, fart, talk, dance, not dance, post to socials, sell our souls and basically live our lives, (ok ok you can fart however you like). I wanted to be part of something that better supported the more natural flow of life. One that promotes authenticity, uniqueness, reality, sustainability, our own mental and physical health and a whole lotta fun. We have a choice.

DJing is an opportunity to express yourself but don’t judge yourself in the process. Remember you’re just starting out and that’s the most exciting place to be because you still have it all ahead of you. I’ve already done it (and continue to do it) but there’s a part of me that wishes I could do it all again! Watching you all step up and take the opportunities that are presented to you, getting way out of your comfort zone, increasing your knowledge, learning new technical skills, playing at new gigs and watching you grow on your journey is as good as me doing it all again! 

So if like me you have days where you think even the idea of a new project is way too much (what were you thinking?!) you don’t know what you’re doing so put it on the back burner AGAIN and tell yourself you’re better off without it (who me?). Maybe you simply don’t have the energy to put into it today or tomorrow… that’s OK. We all feel like that from time to time.

Take a break, a day off, a week off, go out for a bike ride, find a waterfall, watch a movie, run into the hills and hide, seek out and surf the endless wave, turn your phone off and don’t join our Zoom calls for a month, hide your DJ gear under a blanket and pretend it’s not there, but please come back when your heart is full and you can focus again. We’ll be here waiting for you. And for those of you who haven’t taken that leap of faith to do the course yet … we’ll wait for you too!

Each day we have choices. Out of respect to the Women that came before us who didn’t, and to those who slaved and paved the way for us to live the life we are able to choose today, I step up and take my place. I hope you will too.

Thanks Lainie, for all your hard work and nagging ooops I mean belief in this project, for putting up with me and my relaxed anti-social approach to online marketing, and for being one of those strong women who wants to make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.

I salute you my Sista.

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