FNQ by Rasela

FNQ by Rasela

G’day from the Top End of this glorious land we are blessed to call home. I haven’t been around alot of records of late and its hard to imagine even playing records up here in the full heat of the Summer but music is never far from my heart. I managed to make it all the way to the Kuranda Roots Festival, which as the name suggests is not actually in Kuranda anymore but further towards Mareeba in a sweeeet little spot called Emerald Creek.

Lots of rivers and red dust, waterfall pools and sunset soaks. It’s times like these i like to forget that i am usually DJing at such festivals and instead attend  as a good ol’ punter without a plan or expectation to perform. I think it’s healthy to step back and be on the other side of the speakers for a change. It gives you the opportunity to feel the dancefloor and the shenanigans that go on in all parts of it, including the people that are sitting down absorbing the energy of others kicking up dust and getting down in the dirt.

People don’t always need to be on the dancefloor to be appreciating your music. They can be laying round on a mat drinking coconuts, catching up with old friends they just met on the dancefloor, watching from afar tuning into your energy and presence, or just happily having a picnic on a rug somewhere waaay down the back to the sweet sounds of your tunes. 

What is a DJ anyway? I feel the answer to that is so wide and varied but essentially a DJ is someone who fills an otherwise empty space with good and groovy vibrations. Afterall, music is a vibration and if you are filling it with the right kind of vibrations then the people will come fill it physically, and then we have one big happy family.

I have to say, i didn’t spend much time at all on the dancefloor, instead i was one of those lingering lovers of music who was happy to absorb from afar and cool off in the waterfalls in between sets.

Roots reggae and a whole lot of goodness was on the lineup this year with many local bands and DJ’s coming out of the hills and valleys of Kuranda and the surrounding areas to share their magic. One thing I did notice (and something that triggered a Spin Sista response) was that there were very few female DJ’s up there sharing their skills and vibes. I noticed one quite late at night and she was giving it her all, dancing away to her beats. It’s the only thing that makes me want to get up there, to REPRESENT the female contingency of DJing. 

But for now I am a travelling vagabond on the quest for exploration and challenge, to see who else i am in this body, with this mind, without my headphones dangling around my neck. We all need a break from what we do and who we are seen to be because of it. I know that when I touch the turntables again it will feel as though it’s brand new again haha my fingers tingle at the mere thought of it!!

Keep your spin on sistas and stay groovy until our faces meet again (hopefully in person). 

 Rasela xx

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