I got a Prick!

Now the interesting thing about my little yarn this month is that recently, I was discriminated against and sacked by my ex-boss who it turns out is an even bigger prick than all of the pricks on the land of Pricks-ville This sacking was based on a personal health choice that I made that didn’t align with the company’s Modis operandi apparently. My private information was leaked to him by another colleague who it was entrusted to, and he made a choice to publicly out me through an audio recording to the whole workspace on a FB chat to set an example of my choice to others who might choose to go down the same path. He didn’t contact me to discuss this with me, just went and sold me out.

It got me thinking about lots of things but most importantly privacy and how we portray ourselves on the socials. The conversation about privacy is a big one, particularly these days when anyone who owns a phone or computer is probably compromising lots about themselves to the tech world. Don’t worry this is not going to be a yarn about any of that stuff. 
It led me to think though about how we set up our social media pages when we are representing ourselves to the outside world as anything, but for the sake of this yarn, we’ll talk about representing yourself as DJ’s.

Personally, I am quite an open person, my posts are raw, my language is a bit gutter mouthy at times, I wear my heart on my sleeve and am really black and white which can be confronting for some people and refreshing for others. I love being like this, it’s me, it’s comfortable, I don’t want to change that.
However, is this rawness going to affect who is attracted to me on a business level.
Will people see my posts and want me to DJ at their parties or their events or wherever based on my look and the way I present to the world.

Very possibly! So, I pose this to you as you start, continue or expand your DJ journey. Think about how you want to reflect your vibe to the outside world. In my opinion, authenticity always wins. Even if you want to be a wedding DJ, represent yourself as authentically as possible and always back up your choices. Even if one of those choices is a song that clears the dance floor. The thing is it wasn’t a bad choice for you and people will be back!

Haters will always hate but keeping true to your vision of where you want your decks to end up and how you want to show up is so important. Listen to your heart. Play from your heart. You are a DJ

Love from a very introspective Lainsta

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