Meet Lainie Chait

My name is Lainie Chait, DJ name: Lainie Godiva but some people call me Electro Girl. This isn’t because I am solely an Electronic DJ or anything like that, no no no give me breaks, funk, nu disco, psy trance any day! Electro Girl is a character that I invented for a book that I wrote about living with epilepsy and it stuck. Yes, people with epilepsy can be DJ’s (well the ones that aren’t sensitive to flashing lights that is).

I have always loved music from a very young age, was born in 1972 so I got to listen to some pretty fabulous punk, pop, grunge, soul, funk and so much more back then. I loved every contraption that I could get my hands on to listen to the music as well. Boom boxes, Walkman’s, radios, the first Ipod!

In 2006 I was ready to start making my own sounds so I got my first CDJ’s and taught myself on those. I played at parties only back then but soon upgraded my system to a Pioneer DDJ Wego so that I could be portable in a very easy and lightweight way. Teaching myself digital skills and tricks meant I was more confident to play not just at parties but expand to weddings, small festivals and bars. I am still teaching myself skills and tricks and I love it as much now as I did when I started. Maybe even more because I’m not afraid to take risks now behind the decks.

I was on BayFM Byron Bay’s community radio station for 6 years with my own show and now with a Spin SiSta’s show that we are about to bring to air which will showcase female DJ’s from around the world.

My current set up is a Pioneer DDJ 800 and I use Rekordbox as my software and music management system. I am really excited to pass on my knowledge in the digital field to women who are curious to DJ as a hobby as well as those women that want to DJ as a career. I welcome you all whatever level you are at with open arms to join our community and become empowered to make the dance floors heave.

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