About us

We are two experienced female DJs offering our knowledge and skills to other women wanting to learn the art of DJing on both Vinyl & Digital platforms.

Meet Rasela

Talofa I’m Rasela Torise, DJ name Chopsuey.

I’ve been DJing for almost 20 years. It’s hard to say when it all began but music’s guided me through life from as long as I can remember.

Music took me to London in 1989 at the age of 19 where I was first exposed to DJ’s in the early 90’s, they were my friends and the ones who enabled us all to carry on partying long after the clubs pubs and bars had closed or kicked us out…

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Meet Lainie

Hi my name is Lainie Chait, DJ name Lainie Godiva (occasionally known as Electro Girl).

This isn’t because I am solely an Electronic DJ or anything like that, no no no give me breaks, funk, nu disco, psy trance any day!

Electro Girl is a character that I invented for a book that I wrote about living with epilepsy and it stuck.

Yes, people with epilepsy can be DJ’s (well the ones that aren’t sensitive to flashing lights that is)…

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