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Should you play a song until the end?
by Lainie

Of all the many choices that we are faced with when we stand behind the decks and play, a common concept gets brought up time and time again. A concept that is ruminated over by both the new DJ and a seasoned DJ.


There are quite a few variables to answer this, so I’ll give you my take on it. For me it comes down to the following five points…

Don’t forget to record your set!
by Lainie

“Don’t forget to record your set, Don’t forget to record your set, Don’t forget to record your set”

These are the words you will most often hear me mutter for the whole week leading up to a gig. Then for about an hour before my set, I’ll be looking for post it notes around the house to stick on my DJ controller, while still muttering the words…..


Regardless of all this ‘mental note to self’ stuff, nine times out of ten I forget to record my set….

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Choices by Rasela

When we first set out to create an online course for women to teach the necessary skills of DJing I had my reservations. I knew it would mean that I had to work harder than I probably wanted to, devote more time to a new project which could mean spending less time surfing (eeek), and that I would have to answer to a business partner who would be relying on me to complete certain tasks and maintain a level of commitment and consistency in our new venture.

OMG but what if I don’t ‘feel’ like I want to work this hard it’s taking so long?! Have any of you felt the same when starting a new project?

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Drunk or Sober?
by Lainie

To be (drunk) or not to be (drunk), that is the question!

When Hamlet posed this question, it was purely about the conundrum of whether he wanted to live or not to live and what would be a more preferable option. In the reference above, I of course, am referring to rocking up to a gig and living through your set hammered…. or dying in the ass coz you are a train wreck that got a bit too tipsy turvy either before, or during your set.

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Washing Records
by Rasela

Ever picked up a record that looks like it has a cloudy film over it, greasy finger prints on it, loaded with dust, small bumps that can be scratched off with your fingernail or worse still, scratched deeper into the groove? Many old/improperly stored  records may contain one or all of the above and will make playing it sound muffled, distorted, incomprehensible, and even cause the needle to jump or skip across the record.

Mold, dust, dirt and ‘unidentified sticky bumps’ are but a wash away and if you follow the record washing guidelines below you can play them again with renewed love.

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Getting in a Funk
by Lainie

Spring has sprung. New vibes, new energy, new endorphins that are fuelling us. The winter has passed and even though some of you reading this might be in situations where your freedom feels like it’s been placed on pause, thankfully no matter what situation we are in, we always have music.

I think Parliament nailed the lyrics when they sang “Ow, we want the funk. Give up the funk, Ow, we need the funk, we gotta have that funk”.

How true it is. Where would our lives be without the funk! When I was thinking about what to write for this month’s newsletter, I was reflecting on how I have been feeling in relation to getting behind the decks and practicing my craft.

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